Vivekananda sustainability expo

Purpose of Expo

The expo aims to recognize and explore the available assets we have in India towards achieving the 17 sustainable development goals that are put forth by the United Nations. The Indian society demands to be dealt with in a particular way that will be explored during the conference and will be worked upon together through these assets.


Considering the environmental crisis facing our planet and humanity, it is important to have well thought global and national responses to mitigate crisis. If we analyse the national climate mitigation strategies announced during COP26 at Glasgow, more than 130 countries pledged to halt and reverse deforestation and land degradation by 2030, more than 100 countries signed the global methane pledge, 23 countries signed to phase out coal while some committed transition strategies among other plans. India committed targets like 50 percent of energy from renewable sources by 2030, reduce carbon emissions by 2030 by a billion tonnes among other goals.

Considering the ambitious targets for climate risk mitigation, usage of existing technologies along with invention and progress on new technologies shall play a crucial role in achieving these targets. Some examples include progress in battery technologies to hold more charge for sustained period at lower costs using material science and other technologies, advanced materials for solar panels, technologies to absorb carbon from environment, methane hotspots tracking, green hydrogen and myriad other areas. Like in every walk of life, technology shall play one of the central roles in climate mitigation strategies.