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About Vivekananda Sustainability Summit

The Vivekananda Sustainability Summit is a national summit organized to bring together the isolated efforts that are taking place in India, to achieve and implement Sustainable development in the country. VSS aims to
strengthen the implementation of sustainability in human development. To do that, while the world follows a western concept of sustainable development that comprises 17 goals, we aim to blend the Indian concepts of sustainable development and pace up the ongoing process with a unified initiative.

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About Vivekananda Youth Connect

“Vivekananda Youth Connect” is a non-profit charitable organization that aims to develop a society where self-worth is the strongest foothold, upon which lies foundation of the success of every individual. Through selfworth, one can make a notable difference in everyone’s life by directing
him or her towards a fulfilling life.

Our initiative “Vivekananda Youth Connect” aims at popularizing Swami
Vivekananda’s message to the youth and projecting him for what he is, a youth icon. Read more